Friday, August 29, 2008


Al Franken was right--but it feels so good to say it again!

Today's reaffirmation comes on the heels of Mr. Limbaugh's trumpeting how the Republicans got it so right with their "maverick" choice of Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin, as the Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. "We've got the babe!" was Mr. Limbaugh's astute judgment . . .

Okay, before I go any further, I know next to nothing about Gov. Palin, so congrats to you, Governor, on making a national ticket, and good luck in the challenges that face you. And watch out for stupid men like Rush Limbaugh.

He STILL doesn't get it. One didn't root for Hillary because she was a woman but because she was a good candidate and a talented and brave leader who happened to be a woman and had to fight the prejudices for acceptance from guys like Limbaugh and sexists even within her own party. One rooted for her, in part, because she was a woman, but not BECAUSE she was a woman.

And now, the incredibly cynical Republicans appear to have picked Gov. Palin BECAUSE she is a woman first, not because of her qualifications. Barely two years as a first-term Governor do not qualify her for leader of the free world. And despite being a mom of five, with a Down's Syndrome baby--and hopefully she is a remarkable mother, as she may well be to have five kids and be able to run a State!--this is not whom you pick as back-up for a 72-year old man who's fought cancer four times. Yes, she's a gun-lover. Yes, she's anti-women's right to choose. That makes her maybe qualified to be a delegate to the Republican convention but hardly to be its leading lady!

You don't NOT pick a candidate because she's a woman. You also don't PICK a candidate because she's a woman. So far, Sarah Palin has a lot to prove to put her in the same class as Hillary Clinton.

And yet both women are preferable to Rush Limbaugh, who still needs to be smacked for dancing a premature victory dance because they have "a babe" on the ticket and that will suffice!

In the meantime, Happy 72nd birthday, Sen. McCain.

And congratulations on your nominations, Sens. Obama and Biden. Thanks to you and the Clintons, the Democratic Convention provided a very educational and moving week.