Friday, June 15, 2012


First, my apologies to the 3.6 people who follow this blog regularly and have been disappointed at the recent meager output---last March?  Really, Judd?

Next week will be the world premiere of my full-length play, SUPERHERO BLUES, which so far has been a wonderful experience.  Under the direction of my good friend, M.R. Goodley (and with costumes by the always invaluable Cat Fisher), a really wonderful cast has been laboring to bring this script to life.  They are a talented, diverse and highly-competent crew with an excellent senses of humor (which is necessary when struggling to memorize all the stuff I throw them!).  I think they will provide you, our potential audience, with a rollicking good time, as well as moving you occasionally as well.  I'm only sad that there are only four chances for you to see them and their wondrous work (unless the world works in mysterious ways . . . )

But I need to take a moment to say what an interesting creative year 2012 has been so far. Unlike most years when my plays are done out-of-town and where I don't get to see or work on them, this has been a remarkable string of time where the plays have been done in NYC and I can actually attend rehearsals and really develop the pieces to (hopefully) their full potential.  No matter how many readings you may do of a piece, it is in the rehearsal room that you really get to polish, adjust and hone that which is still halfway on the page and halfway in your head.  I cannot express how grateful I am to the directors and casts of Change of Venue, The Proposal, and yes, Superhero Blues, for the chance to shape and experiment and for the good nature shown in taking these cuts and changes and running with them.  The feedback has been invaluable, and the audiences will never know just how much their effort has made the meager script a possibility.  This is really a major part of the joy of creating live theater.  (Thanks also of course to Blue Roses and the reading of Crackers--where we had only one day to explore just what makes that play tick.) I am indeed a lucky playwright.

At any rate, for those of you who willing brave the trek to Brooklyn--really, we don't bite that hard and it's kind of sensuous at that!--here's the information for catching one of the four performances:

The Gallery Players
present the world premiere of
by Judd Lear Silverman
produced by Dominic Cuskern
directed by M. R. Goodley
Trey K. Blackburn, Linnae Caurdy, Elizabeth Gee,
William Goldberg, Maribel Martinez,
Richard Mays, Quinlan Pozner, Oliver Thrun
costumes by Catherine Fisher
lighting by Scott Andrew Cally
sound by Jacob Subotnick
production stage manager: Jodi M. Witherell
stage manager: Tim Sheridan

June 21-24th, 2012
Thurs- Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 3 pm
Tickets $18 • Seniors & Children 12 and under $14
The Gallery Players, 199 14th Street, btwn 4th /5th Aves
(in beautiful Park Slope, Brooklyn!)
Tickets or 212-352-3101

Hope to see you there!