Friday, October 26, 2012

Time to Really Look at What's at Stake

Yes, this is clearly a campaign ad, no denying that, but it really sums up something very important: people can say that the economy is the issue, but really, it is the amalgamation of all the factors that give everyone equal opportunity within the economy that's at stake here. Only by protecting everyone's rights will we solve the economic situation. Years of benefiting only a select few individuals with very little transparency--backroom deals behind closed doors--precipitated the crisis with which we struggle. As a society, we are indeed better off because of the last four years--and we would be far better off financially as well IF there hadn't been blockage of virtually every job stimulus package by Republicans in the House who rarely presented counter proposals but merely said "Getting rid of Obama is job one." The Republicans decried raising the debt ceiling after having supported it in their administrations over and over again, merely to try to precipitate a government shutdown they could blame on Obama. And the reduction of our credit index came NOT because we had debt, but because it was clear that the Congressional gridlock, so bitterly concerned with power versus the protection of the American people, portrayed an venal ineffectualness; there was no desire to make the situation better. Who in their right mind would give a positive credit rating for that kind of behavior? And finally, while Romney one day points with pride to his accomplishments in Massachusetts and then the next totally disavows them, it should be noted that there were a record number of Gubernatorial vetoes which the legislature actually overturned in order to make these positives happen! Check the record and remember the words of Santayana: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."Yes, this is clearly a campaign ad, no denying that, but it really sums up something very important: people can say that the economy is the issue, but really, it is the amalgamation of all the factors that give everyone equal opportunity within

So watch this message--and really look at where you are four years later, on all counts, and figure out why.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If you don't know where you fit in . . .

If you are gay, he's said he opposes your having the same rights as heterosexual citizens.  (Even though he once said there's no one more supportive of protecting gay rights than he is--but that was another campaign . . . or was it?)

If you are a woman, he's said you don't have the right to choose what is right for you and your body, and if you are raped--well, truthfully, it's hard to know just WHAT he thinks about that.  (What happens in Des Moines stays in Des Moines, I guess . . .)

If you've cut $716 billion in administrative costs from Medicare and placed it into accounts to fund future Medicare funding, you're Obama--no, wait, you're Paul Ryan!  Or you're Obama.  (I get so confused.)  Besides vouchers are wonderful things, if they're honored . . . and everyone knows that the supply and demand laws of economic theory don't apply anymore, so you're sure to get good rates when there are fewer and fewer companies providing coverage for specific procedures.  And hell, your local providers LOVE dealing with out of state insurance companies, it's so easy to collect that way.  (What?  Oh, we'll talk about that later . . .)

If you are a teacher, you are a corrupt union member and should listen but not be heard at meetings about teaching, because he knows what makes for a good education--and if you can't afford to pay for it yourself or can't get a loan, then ask your parents for the money.  (What would a teacher who works with kids day in and day out know more than the Romneys and the Christies of the world anyway?)

If you are poor, elderly or in the military, then you're a slacker, part of 47% not paying federal income tax--even though someone's only paying 13-14% versus the 33% most Americans pay (and would have only paid 10% if he claimed the deductions his tax bracket provides for him, but having said he pays 13% had to swallow that one).  You are dependent on the government by choice and you have a victim mentality.  (What, you still pay sales tax, state tax, city tax?  Shhhhhh!)

If you are a Palestinian, then you have no interest in peace efforts.

If you were helped by Planned Parenthood, good for you . . . someday, you'll unearth a pamphlet that can help some poor teen.  (It'll be found at a flea market or a yard sale.)

If you thought there was going to be a 20% tax increase on the middle class . . . keep wondering.  (His opponents on the primary debate stages still remember that one, along with offers for $10,000 bets.)

If you are in a financial hole that you can't get out of, it's because these past four years--not the policies of the previous eight years of hidden Wall Street deals that favored the banks and screwed the middle class American--put you there.

If you need healthcare from him, you hopefully got it from him in Massachusetts because he's not helping you out anymore.  (But not to worry, folks, Bain Capital owns several HMOs that are sure to give you the best deal . . .)

If you can't afford special education programs or you're growing up in a poor neighborhood or don't have cable, don't worry, you can't get vitally important education programs on PBS that enrich the culture . . . oh, that's right, I guess you won't be able to after all . . . (Oh, and again, Bain can fill your educational needs with all their fine Clear Channel programs, like the always factual and informative Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck programs . . .)

If you're wondering what he really thinks . . . He will say it all with a smile and with vehemence--but he will spray it with non-stick cooking spray beforehand so that no facts are left to cling behind, to identify what he actually believes.  And if you are writing down what he is saying today, write it in vanishing ink because he will say something else tomorrow.

If you think he's lying, you're wrong.  He's just "living in the moment."

If you think you have no way to stop him, you're wrong.  Vote.